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My heart hurts.

I don’t know how to get through today.

A Monday mood lifter delivered by the always amazing Ali. I feel a tad spoilt. (at Transit Graphics)



I’ve begun silently fighting back against jerks on the subway who sit as spread out as possible. Basically I match your stance.

This guy was sitting on the train with his knees splayed and his hands on the seat to either side of him. So I slowly backed up into the seat next to him forcing him to either move his hand or have me sit on it. Then I spread my knees equally wide and stuck my elbows out just as far.

It’s amazing how uncomfortable this makes men.

Eventually he closed his knees more (so I closed mine.) The ladies across from me noticed this silent warfare and were slightly confused. When he finally got off the train and I sat like a “lady” they realized what I did and grinned at me.

Yep. This is my new thing to do on the subway.

ur a little rebel i like u

(via arcorn)

Calming myself with a beautifully scented gig candle. All the recommend.